Special Professional Services


Foreign Partners Representative:


Security Services Companies Representative

We liaise, represents and act as agent of our principals to enable them achieve their aims in the country of their interest.

Information, Communication and Technology Companies Representative

We stand in for communications, Information and technology companies to achieve their aim in any countries of interest.

Oil and Gas Companies Representative

We, in association with Chadsol Petroleum and Gas Ltd, ensure that foreign investors partnering with us are successful in their business interest.

Trade, Commerce and Industrial Companies Representative

Being a professional security and safety company, we ensure that caution is taking into cognizance by those whose interest we are protecting.

Logistics, Culture and Tourism Companies Representative

We are equal to the task when it involves issues of culture and tourism as well as logistics.

Import and Export Companies Representative

Importers and Exporters have no cause for to fear as long as we exist.


Looking for foreign companies partnership?

We are available.

We are your trusted representative


and reliable partners



We give professional and technical advises to our partners and associates.


We in collaboration with other professional firms give orientation and training to likely investors in any field.


We educate our interested clients in their ares of interest for mutual benefit.


We provide business, security and general advisory services to our business partners as well as security and logistic support.




+234 (701) 732-9020


Plot 359, Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Jabi, Abuja.

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